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Drake Does It Again with In My Feelings Video

Posted on: 3.Aug.2018 @ 9:47 AM

Social media has been going a little crazy over the past month with the so-called ‘KeKe Dance’. Instragm, in particular, has had its fair share of videos uploaded to the social media platform showcasing all types of parodies of the dance…and we must admit, we’ve all had a belly full of laughs watching them. If you have not seen any, just simply type in ‘KeKe Dance’ on Google and a list of videos will be available. Celebrities and everyday Joes are jumping on this craze. Please, please, please…do NOT attempt to do this dance if you don’t have the skill nor the nerve to pull it off 🙂

So Drake drops the video for this song since his album launch of Scorpion back in June/July, and even though it doesn’t have the famous ‘jump out your car and start dancing’ routine, it does have a very funny opening sequence where we finally get to see KeKe herself and her mum (Mrs. Huxtable…the Cosby Show)

In My Feelings (KeKe) is a very catching and feel good song and commercially doing very well…and this is due to the social media attention this song has attracted. A summer vibe tune that works really over here in the UK, especially with the weather we’ve been having. We played it here first on the Breakfast Reboot Show a couple of weeks ago and is a listeners favourite.


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