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Uniquevibez launches new website

Posted on: 27.Jul.2018 @ 2:36 PM

For the past year and a half, the management team and our developers have been working on the website that would give our listeners a great online experience whilst listening to their favourite presenter and the music they love the most.

With a brand new design and development, we hope to have enhanced that experience for our users and presenters, giving them the high-level interactivity with their loyal listeners.

The new website has been driven by how our listeners used the old website. With data provided through analytics and online surveys, we were able to see how listeners used the site giving us a good enough concept on how to approach the new site design and user flow.

Our key focus with this design was the “user experience” we provided to listeners. The website in mobile view was our main priority and needed to work and look a lot better than it’s predecessor. I believe we have achieved that.

New features include a new chat room, more interactive presenter schedule, news and events articles, easier access to content, current/next show slider, multiple views for each device type (mobile, tablet, and desktop) and we’ve gone secure over the internet (https).

We hope you enjoy the experience.

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