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Ashanti Radix

My name is Rob. I’m commonly known as “Radix” a word which means “Original” or “Root” in the Greek language where the word originates.
So it’s no surprise if I say I like Roots Music and play in a unique vibes (pun intended) way.  Speaking of playing, I started playing music from around age 5 where my dad used to get me to select tunes on the family Gram at the regular house parties.
By aged 14 (a few mins ago in the Late 70″s), while still in school, me and a couple friends had built a sound and started playing out. I’ve continued to be involved in the music sphere in some form or another.
I love all genres of music but mostly music what can teach me something as well as uplift my spirit. I love to share, so hopefully i can share some vibes you will love.
Rob “Ashanti Radix” Bailey
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