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Dillinger The Teacher

Yes people my first introduction to music came from my mum and dad taking in their selections in the 70’s. I then grew up listening to my big brother sound selection in the late 70’s and cusion sphesse sound early 80’s.

We then started the original sound called Infinity hifi back in 1982. Those days it was garrard belt drive turn tables with gold ring needle tandy realistic 15″ speakers.ADC equalizer Mellos echo chamber and stereo¬† amplifiers and the little¬† orange lamp that we use to borrow of the parked up skip. playing music in private functions. until weddings and fashion shows came along, We stopped around 1992. We then formed a sound called Terrabytesound with half of the original followers in 2010 and we are still playing in functions.

The next step will be clubs, watch out for us next year 2019. Uniquevibez.com is a great internet radio station with good selectors, where I can play any form of selection to a dedicated listeners.

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