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DJ Dee Lite

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, Bedford didn’t have such a thing as ‘pirate radio’ so many of my musical influences were learnt from my ‘big sista’ and other family members!!!

My sista, being a soul head taught me everything I need to know about disco, funk, soul and even down to Lovers Rock!!! These are the musical genres that I love, appreciate and also play when I’m out Djing. I also love reggae revival, studio one and roots music which I learnt to appreciate thanks to my elder cousins.

I’ve always had a passion for music from small as like many others, used to record songs from the radio on dem TDK D90 tapes and even before that time, used the little cassette record (ya know the one with the big old red button on it? lol), held it up to the ‘gram’ and recorded music that way!! LOL Yep, I went there. I’d do anything to have the tunes I loved. Out of all my family and friends, I know I was one of the first people to buy CD’s and my first one was by Keith Sweat – Make it Last Forever album which was ‘rinsed’ as I loved it that much. Any spare money I had was spent on CD’s. Friends used to ‘borrow’ them and not always returned (I know who you are lol) but built up a massive collection which now reside in my loft. It took me a number of weeks to convert them all to mp3 but was worth it.

As well as playing out at social events and dances, I have been an online radio DJ for 6 years

“If music be the food of love, play on” – William Shakespeare – Twelfth Night

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