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DJ Mike 1s

I was born and raised in St Elisabeth, Jamaica where music is an integral part of our culture / way of life and can be heard on every street corner and in every yard.

Therefore it is no coincidence that through listening to the cassette tapes my mother would play of artists like Admiral Tibet, Yellow Man, Frankie Paul, alongside Sam Cooke, Al Green and Jim Reeves to name but a few.  That from an early age I began developing a keen interest in music.

My fascination with electronics and finding out how things worked resulted in the pulling apart and rebuilding of numerous radio cassette players.  And from there my interest in not only listening but playing music was born.

I began building my own speakers by placing the removed radio speakers inside cardboard boxes, which I then connected back to the cassette player.   I had created my own sound system which my brother and I named Royal King Sound.

With music recorded from the radio (editing the talking!!) my brother and I began what I can only describe as being our own recording studio.  Friends around the community would come, sit on our veranda and DJ over the rhythms and instrumentals we had carefully recorded from the radio.  We also began keeping our own parties and playing at the parties of friends using our home made sound system.

Unfortunately over time my little sound folded but my love of music continued and I began listening to music from a wide range of genres.  On arrival to the UK my music journey continued, I made new friends with whom I travelled in and out of London deejaying at parties and clubs.  However, I always dreamt of reaching a wider audience and eventually I found my way to the Unique Vibez Team.

You can find me every Thursday 6-8pm hosting the Back to the future show.  Where I bring the JA flavour to a blend of reggae, dancehall, hip hop, afro beats alongside featuring up and coming new artists.  Hope to see you there soon

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