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DJ Reds

DJ Reds AKA Bobreds
My musical journey started way back in the 70’s via my parents. Mum used to play reggae music in the house (Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Burning Spear) and when my brother (MaddFly) and I used to link our father I would hear soul music from him. Our father is a drummer and a singer/songwriter himself so it’s fair to say it was inevitable that I would follow the same path.

I have always had music around me and started buying soul music in the early 1980’s. By my mid teens I was playing in a sound “Primetime” from NW London doing house parties and it was around this time I started rapping, recording and did a few performances. By the very early 90’s I started singing/songwriting and co-founded a group called “Keynote”.

By now, I had crafted my skills in songwriting, rapping, singing and recording, even had my music played on KissFM and ChoiceFM both as a rapper and a singer. However, due to family commitments I decided to leave this and focus on being a father.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago my brother (MaddFly) decided to start the internet radio venture. He tried on several occasions to get me involved but I was focused on my working career, until one weekend he fooled me and got me to do a show (06/01/19) which I totally loved!!

He always had faith in my abilities and knew that once I started playing again, I’d fall in love with music like before but also be a good addition to Uniquevibez.

So here we are, music flowing through my soul and to you the listener, doing what I was destined to do which is to be enjoying playing and presenting a musical escape/sanctuary.

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