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As with most music lovers, singers, dj’s, producers and composers at some point in time in their lives music has connected within them in the most unique and memorable way.

I’m no different…I distinctly remember two moments on my life.

The first is seeing my dad play his revival/reggae music on a Sunday afternoon, usually from a pile of records playing from one side (left) and backwards again from the right with mum singing along in the background and myself humming to whatever was being played.

My second moment was when my cousin (music lover beyond words) gave me his spare dec. It was white, I had one speaker and one record (musical youths – pass the dutchie). I played that over and over…these are the moments, that many years later have me here playing music to people, hopefully helping them create their unique moments.

I remember pretending to be a DJ when I was much younger(9 or 10). I had a stereo with two tape decks…one side with the music and the other side recording the music and me talking. I guess being a dj/presenter is something I always wanted to do.

I’m very new to the game and have much to learn. I will be using my experience of music and my qwerky personality to present and play music people can enjoy and feel comfortable with (creating those lasting moments). UniqueVibez is my first “gig” and I’ve been given a brilliant opportunity to play music to you on a Saturday morning…to get your weekend started right.

You can keep up with me via twitter – @realdjlv

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