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Grandfather Bruno

I’m representing The Burnin Sound System here on uniquevibez.com which was established around 1982 by myself and the local legendary sound operator “Bush” (RIP).

Based in rural South West UK we soon established ourselves on the underground circuit playing a variety weird and wonderful venues and parties including the super blag to get our sound into the rain drenched 1985 Glastonbury festival and playing all weekend putting the old school diesel generator under sever pressure when dropping some big bad bass lines.

Since those early days I went on to help establish a local Pirate radio station (Shockwave Radio) where I ran regular shows playing the best reggae tunes of the time unit the DTI came a knocking.

Between the sound system and the radio my love of music has not diminished and I am grateful for uniqevibez for giving me the opportunity of sharing the good tunes with you all, It’s a good fun show, so why not log in and enjoy.

Grandfather Bruno

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