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Ms Meladee

Meladee grew up listening to different types of genres of music. Her favourites being mainly RnB and Reggae, I listened to Radio DJ’s such as Tony Williams and David Rodigan even Tony Blackburn.

I would sit for hours listening to music singing and writing lyrics, I also did a bit of deejaying for a while nothing to serious and won a competition at a local event.

I had a love for reggae but when Omar released the track “There’s nothing like this” I started to see Soul RnB music in a different light…as I loved the deep bass-line and this track was on fire.

Then started listening to Mary J, Jodeci etc and recording the tracks of the radio and making my own tapes. The slow songs were deep and meaningful I could just switch of from the world and get lost in the music.

I always admired radio presenters especially Choice FM’s – Jenny Francis.

I was also in a sound system called crystal clear..but soon realised playing music at party’s and events where not bringing me any satisfaction musically….so next step was radio where I could express myself and reach out to a wider audience.

Till this day, many years later – here I am doing what I love the most.

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