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Otis Irie

An appreciation group to the musical artist known as Otis Irie, who’s musical repertoire crosses several musical genres. Those that remember Otis from the early days will remember his love of vinyl and from that first rung of the ladder he took the next available step and became involved with marching band’s often re-writing the music to a more up beat style.

By 1983 Otis got a taste for the synth which would eventually lead him into building his own studio. In 1986 music had become Otis Irie’s life, forming the sound system Stallion as a sound engineer. During the later years of the 80’s into the 90’s, Otis could be seen entertaining various crowds up and down the country in several different groups and sound systems as a vocal artist whilst still producing music and helping other artist’s along the way.

For the last decade Otis has been working hard in the studio and is also working with J&G records and also singing with the Harmony reggae band. With his love of music he also djs on the radio and private functions.
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