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Peter Ranx aka Steely

Peter Ranx is the Sound System Manager at Nightheat Movements – a role that enables him to combine his technical expertise with his commitment to community projects as a nexus of care and communication within the local and wider community.

Music flows through Peter’s veins: growing up surrounded by the Reggae, Soca, Gospel, Soul, R&B, Motown, Jazz, and Lovers’ Rock that was emanating from the deck belonging to his father, Peter soon developed the skills needed to flourish in the music industry himself.

A DJ with four decades of experience under his belt, he is also an experienced radio presenter. A talented Juggler, Peter Steely Ranx is guaranteed to bring the good vibes to any party such is the range of his musical knowledge.

In addition to the musical production he has worked on with musicians and artists, Peter is a drummer and when he’s not behind the turntables, you’ll find him in the studio and behind a set of drums. Equally it would not be strange to find him behind the desk in the studio sound engineering. Put simply Peter Steely Ranx is just purely the music man.

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