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My Interest in music first started when I was about 12 yrs old. I remember waking up to the sounds of Jim Reeves, Pat Boone and Louie Armstrong. Then it progressed Toots and Justin Hinds Ken Booth and so on . I don’t know if you remember about grams you could load 6 or 7 singles one time and when one tune finish the next one drops down and starts playing lol.

I use to love playing on my Dads blueprint gram. At 13 I started a paper round because I use to spend my dinner money on music my mum would say I going to give you record for dinner or mek me nyam record LOL and I got beaten too.

I use to play with electrics a lot as well taking things apart and making them work or sound better , I ve always liked a good sound music suppose to sound cris with some saved money I bought a second hand gram and retuned it. It sounded wicked I built a sound system in my room using the gram I brought two 18 inch speaker 2 mids and tweeters.

I made my own boxes and stuff I use to rock the house cutting a long story short I could go on its all coming back to me as I write, got older built a sound and called it Ringo International. My DJ name was Inspector P first doing my own house parties and then my friends parents would ask me to play for them playing for big people at the age of 18 within no time I got popular playing all over London and Birmingham and even Bradford doing house parties I had some big artist passing through my partys like Deborah Glasgow, Topcat also Trevor Walters to name a few.

I was even ask to play at a 12 tribe dance in the 80’s wow what a buss that was excited and scared at the same time that was a big thing for me. The rest is history there so much so am going to leave it there take a listen to my show Saturdays 4pm – 6pm. This is just a part of me BLESS.

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