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Selector Briscoe

My first memories of Music would be helping my Dad make cardboard sleeves for his records,
Mum worked at a record pressing factory in the early 80’s, she used to bring nuff records home for Dad (sleeveless of course).
When I was about 7 years old Mum took me to work with her and they let me keep as many records as I could carry home. Not long after that I got my first record player and this is what started me on my musical journey.
Dad used to take me out to reggae dances with him when I was young and I would watch the soundman string up the sound and instantly I knew this was something that I wanted to do when I got older.
I started to build my own speakers and I eventually built a small sound system that I would use for friends & families parties and eventually I worked as a mobile DJ doing lots of commercial music.
Due to family commitments I took a very long break from all musical ventures, over the past year I have come back to continue my journey in music.
I’ve started building my own sound system again which I’ve called Audio Revival Sounds. Started making my own speakers and building back my rig. I’ve also starting DJing again. I‘ve also started my own monthly reggae event, bringing the passion back into my life. I’m a multi genre DJ but Reggae is my passion.
Selector Briscoe
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