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Simmy Bless

Simmy Bless started his musical journey from the age of 13 known back then as Shoota Dan. In school he was the go to guy for the latest tunes and sound tapes.

While at school he linked up with Beanie Dan and formed a dancehall group called Demolition. The group had a local hit tracks called ‘racist ting’ and ‘hot cha now’ which was performed in numerous venues in East London. ‘Racist ting’ was entered musical competition presented by Choice Fm. Demolition was one of the winners and the song ‘racist ting’ was aired on Dj279 show.

After this Simmy Bless aka Shoota Dan turned to selecting as it was his passion and in the mid nineties formed Foundation Crew with Beanie Dan, Sweet Degree and Chopper. Foundation Crew was the sound of East London playing on numerous venues and radio stations across the country. Foundation Crew also had a successful era with a monthly promotion called ‘Peaches and Cream Dip in the heart of the city.

After Foundation Crew Shoota Dan re-branded himself as Simmy Bless and formed Skillful Guidance with his long time chargie Beanie Dan now on the Uniquevibez.com playing the best in Dancehall, hip-hop, reggae and urban flavours.

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